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Admin Assistant

Melanie is the latest addition to the team, joining us in 2020. She handles all front-end administrative work and is quickly becoming essential. She is one of the most genuine souls around; a rare gem these days.

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Admin Assistant

With us since 2015, Sandy is responsible for processing all of our trades. She is very likely one of the best people to have ever graced this line of work. Also, her cake skills are unparalleled. There is always a slight concern that she'll leave us for a lustrous career in making cakes for celebrities... 



Social Media Boss

Justine has been on the team since 2005 and runs the online part of the practice. If you're communicating with us through our Facebook, Instagram, etc, you're probably talking with her. Besides being gorgeous and clever, she's also my wife, which is why I have smartly given her the title "Boss."