Financial Advisor Abbotsford

RHYS MARTELL  financial advisor

About Us

We are about you.


Aside from all the detailed work my team and I do behind the scenes, it really is our goal to be one of the most enjoyable and beneficial relationships in your life. And that’s the bottom line.


Finance can be an intimidating, frustrating, and stressful part of life—we know that. That’s why my practice is built from the ground up to flip that around for you.


As for the back story, I spent nearly a decade working for one of the biggest financial services firms in Canada. I learned a lot from them and I’m grateful for that. But over time, it became increasingly clear to me that I had to decide between working for them and their best interests or working for my clients and their best interests. And that was an easy decision for me.


In the summer of 2015 I left the giant corporate setting and joined a local independent firm. I haven’t looked back. It’s been a wonderful decision for my clients, my practice, my family, and my sanity.

Financial Advisor Abbotsford

Since becoming an independent advisor I no longer need to be concerned about selling products or hitting quotas because there’s no such thing. The only thing that matters is doing an excellent job for those who count on my advice and guidance. It makes them happy, it makes God happy and it makes me happy. So that’s what I do.


We do all this by:  


  • helping you clarify where you are

  • helping you figure out where you want to be

  • building a game-plan for you to make it happen

  • managing it for you so that you don’t need to worry about it


If this sounds like something you’re looking for, then you may have found the right place.


Welcome to a private advisory practice where things really are different. Where you will be treated like you matter. Because you do.